NOVA Chuck Insert Table

NOVA has the widest range of insert/adaptors of any chucking system, giving you maximum flexibility. Insert type chucks are the type where the insert adaptor system can be used; they're inexpensive and easy to use.

NOVA uses an easy and inexpensive insert/adaptor on all its NOVA insert chucks (apart from chucks that are directly threaded)

The insert has different lathe spindle thread sizes internally and simply screws into the back of your NOVA chucks. Once the insert is in place, you can then put your chuck onto your lathe.

How does the insert system work?

The insert fits into the back of the chuck and onto your lathe headstock spindle. The inserts are threaded both inside and out. The outside thread is made to fit into the NOVA Chucks. The inside thread comes in a variety of sizes. The size you need is determined by your lathe spindle thread size. See the insert thread chart below.

If you have reliable information for your spindle thread size but there is no match on the chart, you may have an unusual lathe that NOVA doesn’t have an adaptor for. You will need to purchase a blank chuck or a blank insert/adaptor and get it threaded to your requirements.

Some thread sizes have a direct thread in the chuck body. Therefore, these don’t require insert adaptors. A directly threaded chuck body cannot be altered to an insert type body or another thread size once threaded. Be sure that your lathe thread size is not covered by the insert/adaptors first!

Chuck Insert/Adaptors

The thread sizes listed are the size which the adaptor converts to (e.g. The thread size listed in the table should match the thread size on your lathe spindle.)

If you're unsure what the spindle thread size of your lathe is, click here to determine the correct size. 

Sizes listed below are subject to change. We always advise that you check your lathe manual or speak to the manufacturer regarding the spindle thread size of your lathe if you're unsure.

Code Description
I2NS NOVA Chuck Insert M20 x 2
I3NS NOVA Chuck Insert M20 x 1.5
I8NS NOVA Chuck Insert 7/8 x 12tpi
I9NS NOVA Chuck Insert 3/4 x 16tpi
ICNS NOVA Chuck Insert 1 x 10tpi
IINS NOVA Chuck Insert M24 x 3
IJNS NOVA Chuck Insert 1.1/8 x 12tpi
IKNS NOVA Chuck Insert M18 x 2.5
ILNS NOVA Chuck Insert 1.1/4 x 8
IMNS NOVA Chuck Insert 1 x 10tpi LH
INNS NOVA Chuck Insert BLANK - unthreaded
ISNS NOVA Chuck Insert 5/8 plain bore - unthreaded
ITNS NOVA Chuck Insert 1 x 8 RH & LH dual thread
IUNS NOVA Chuck Insert 1.1/8 x 12
IWNS NOVA Chuck Insert M25 x 2
IXNS NOVA Chuck Insert 1 x 8tpi reversible