Why Choose DVR Technology?

At the heart of the machine is the motor. Choosing the motor is the most critical choice a manufacturer can make.

What is DVR Motor Technology?

DVR® (Digital Variable Reluctance), is a Switch Reluctant Motor with unique technology. Through Intelligent Control, this variable speed motor ‘talks’ to the internal computer constantly monitoring conditions, giving it the edge on a conventional motor.

DVR Motor Technology features Direct to Spindle Power, Intelligent Control, Energy Efficiency, High Torque and Power at Low RPM, and a Wide Speed Range all packaged in a compact unit.

You want a motor that can deliver performance, reliability, features, safety and convenience. And you’ll want it to deliver all of these in the most powerful and efficient way.

NOVA's DVR products are:

No belts/pulleys 

Most noticeable difference apart from the computer screen is that DVR motors don’t use belts OR pulleys. This makes for a very smooth, quiet and convenient operation.

Next biggest difference, the DVR motors are intelligent.

AC and DC motors are dumb. They don’t have active management of conditions and their performance. The DVR motor is an intelligent, computer controlled motor. It’s constantly sensing the load on the machine and adjusting its performance accordingly. The Intelligent Speed Selection Offers the Correct Speed for the Application.

Safety Sensing

The smart DVR motor offers unprecedented safety features. Because the computer is constantly monitoring conditions, it can sense when there is unusual load applied or unsafe conditions and can instantly shut off power to the spindle.

Simple construction = low maintenance

DVR motors are a simple and elegant design and are constructed with the less is more philosophy. There are no permanent magnets, brushes and commutators so there is less wear and tear and less parts to go wrong.


  • The computer controlled motor will only use the amount of energy input needed to rotate the shaft at the command speed.
  • If there is no load on the shaft, it will only draw enough power necessary to overcome bearing resistance.
  • Sensors determine when the application needs to run or how much energy is required.
  • Upon start-up the DVR motor has a 3 amp spike versus a 13 amp spike on traditional AC motors. It is extremely energy efficient.

Impressive Speed range

On the drill press it’s 50-5500 RPM and for other applications of the DVR motor it can go up to as much as 100,000 RPM

Powerful 1.75HP motor

And with a simple plug change, can achieve 2HP – the intelligent DVR motor adapts.

DVR motors are fully customizable

DVR motors can be customized to suit individual requirements. The Striatech Package Drive is our off-the-shelf solution, which will fit hundreds of applications with no modifications needed