Differences Between SuperNOVA2 and G3 Chucks

Buying the correct chuck can appear to be a little confusing at first, especially if you're beginner. Here's a short guide to explain the differences between two very popular NOVA chucks, the SuperNOVA2 and the G3.

NOVA was the first to manufacture 4-Jaw Self Centering Chucks in woodturning back in 1988. For over 30 years, NOVA has been the brand of choice for thousands of woodturners and woodworkers. 

Buying the correct chuck can appear to be a little confusing at first, especially if you're beginner. However, all chucks do operate in the same manner and perform a similar function. The choice really comes down to what best suits your requirements, although price may also be an important element when choosing the correct chuck. 

With its feature rich, high quality chuck system, NOVA remains the most popular brand of woodturning chucks on the market. Here's a short guide to explain the difference between two very popular chucks, the SuperNOVA2 and the G3.

SuperNOVA2 Chuck

The SuperNOVA2 is a powerful and solid chuck, perfect for use on lathes with up to 20”/508mm swing. It is a brilliant all around geared chuck for a majority of users. If your lathe is less than 20” diameter swing, you may want to consider the NOVA G3 chuck.

The SuperNOVA 2 is packed with innovative features that make it the first choice chuck for turners globally.

  • Perfect for lathes with a (500mm) 20” swing
  • Solid, vibration free action
  • Patented Tufflock™ gearing delivers outstanding gripping power
  • Simple one handed operation supported by ball nosed Allen key
  • Complete with JS50N (50mm) jaws as standard

SuperNOVA2 Chuck (insert required) RRP: £99.99 (inc. VAT)

NOVA G3 Chuck

The G3 chuck is the next generation smaller geared chuck. It's an ideal chuck for Mini, Midi and smaller lathes with up to 360mm/14" diameter swing. It's a high power geared chuck option for smaller lathes.

This chuck is light weight, and with less overhang, it's perfect for smaller lathe spindles. The small 1.79" body length delivers less overhang from the spindle than the larger geared chucks, reducing stress on smaller lathe spindles.

The Nova G3 is a high power geared chuck ideal for smaller lathes with up to 360mm (14”) swing.

  • Hardened gear action delivers incredible vibration free performance
  • Single handed operation means more time turning
  • Light weight reduces stress on lathe spindle
  • Includes a set of JS50N (50mm jaws)

G3 Chuck (insert required) RRP: £89.99 (inc. VAT)

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Q.Can I use non-NOVA accessories on my NOVA chuck?

You are advised not to use non-NOVA accessories on your NOVA chuck as this will void your warranty. Likewise, you are advised not to use NOVA accessories on a non-NOVA chuck either.

The designers and manufactures of NOVA chucks and accessories are unable to determine that genuine NOVA Accessory Jaws and other NOVA Chuck accessories fitted to other non-NOVA chucks are safe and correctly engineered.

All genuine NOVA Jaws and Accessories are designed to work correctly only on NOVA chucks, and come with the comprehensive NOVA warranty, backed up with full on the ground service and support in market, and over 30 years experience in making award winning chucks. 

Therefore, you must be aware of the following:

  1. NOVA Jaws and Accessories MUST NOT be fitted to non-NOVA chucks, even close copies of NOVA chucks. This will void your comprehensive 6-Year NOVA Warranty.

  2. Jaws and accessories from other manufacturers should also not be fitted to NOVA Chucks unless they have been engineered and approved for use on NOVA Chucks, by the designers and manufacturers of NOVA specifically. Doing so will void your comprehensive 6-Year NOVA warranty.

A full range of NOVA Chuck accessories can be found here.