NOVA DVR XP Control Panel Upgrade

The NOVA DVR XP Control Panel Upgrade comes with a 1 Year full replacement warranty.

The NOVA DVR XP Control Panel Upgrade is designed to provide your older model NOVA DVR XP Woodlathe with the electronics needed to receive signals from the NOVA DVR WIRELESS REMOTE II (the remote is an additional purchase).

  • The wireless control signals operate in the 2.4GHz Radio Frequency (RF) and is FCC & CE Compliant.
  • The range of the wireless signal is up to 23 feet (7 meters) line of sight.

Upgrade features:

  • Braking features have been implemented in DVR XP control panel upgrade. (Note: Enable for XP version 8.xx and above, version 6.xx is not braking compatible)
  • Speed chart.
  • Speed dial knob.
  • New keypad and interface to give the user instant access to the preset speeds.
  • Fits on most NOVA DVR XP Wood Lathe (newer than ver.6.06)
  • Wireless Remote II connectivity.

Download the manual for more information.