NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe

A lathe that meets your woodturning needs, your workshop space, or your budget.

The NOVA Comet II midi lathe is portable, yet provides power, the versatility of forward or reverse turning and a 12" swing over the bed. The Versaturn Accessory line (sold separately) means the NOVA Comet II can add the ability to transform your NOVA Comet II Midi Lathe into an all-in-one woodturning and woodworking system - all without moving away from your lathe.

Features at a Glance:

Add-On Bed Extension System

A lathe that meets your woodturning needs, your workshop space, or your budget. Each bed extension is 24.6” /625mm) in length. This feature is appealing for many different reasons. As a compact lathe (standard configuration), it is great for small turning(s) in small workshop spaces. It can also be used as an extended bed lathe for those wanting to turn longer pieces. One additional bed extension increases the length to 41.1”/1044mm.

Speed Range

The Nova Comet II™ Wood Lathe has a 3-step Electronic Variable Speed range. One of the best in the industry for mini lathe work. Low range: slower speeds from 250 RPM up to 680 RPM for larger spindle and bowl work. Medium range: from 530 RPM up to 1420 RPM for smaller items such as Pen work. Fast range: from 1380 RPM up to 4000 RPM for miniature turning work. Most other mini lathes do not have this fast speed range for true miniature work. Electronic Variable Speed allows you to quickly dial-in the correct speed for the job, material and conditions. In addition, you’re not limited to potentially dangerous fixed-speed steps.

Reverse Option

The Nova Comet II™ Wood Lathe has the capability, at the flick of a switch, to change direction into reverse. This feature enables the turner to sand with the lathe in reverse eliminating problem areas which cannot normally be sanded smooth in the forward direction.

Optional Grinder Attachment

At last there is now a lathe which not only saves the turner having to buy a bench grinder or equivalent, but also allows the turner to quickly touch-up chisels as they lose their cutting edge. The optional Versa turn Grinder Attachment on the Nova Comet II™ Wood Lathe provides a safe, economical and practical way of keeping the edge on your tools.

Solid Construction

Well proven design. The critical components of the Nova Comet II™ Wood Lathe are made from cast-iron for strength, rigidity and vibration reduction.

Download the manual below to find out more.