NOVA 1624 II Lathe

Excellent entry level lathe that has enough versatility and power to give many years of turning.

The NOVA 1624 II lathe replaces the old NOVA 1624. All old accessories and parts are interchangeable.

It is sold in the following markets:

  • Spindle threaded for 1 1/4" x 8 TPI RH (UK, USA, Canada & Australasia)
  • Spindle threaded for M33 x 3.5 RH (Europe, excluding UK)

Warranty: 2 Year full replacement on motor, 5 years full replacement on all other parts. 

Features at a glance

Note: Motor & Specifications vary depending on the Country

Add on Bed System

A lathe that meets your woodturning needs, your workshop space, or your pocket! Each segment is about 20.3" in length. The feature appeals for many different reasons:

  • As a compact lathe (standard configuration) it is great for small turning workshop spaces.
  • As an extended lathe for those wanting to do extra long spindles (beyond the traditional between centre of most lathes) the Nova 1624/44 delivers big turning capacity. 
  • As a bowl lathe for those just wanting to turn bowls.

Sophisticated Swivel Head

Swivel head lathes have many advantages:

  • Space saving
  • Allows the turner (not the machine!) to decide the most comfortable position for your turning (saving you from backstrain)
  • Elimination of lefthand ‘outboard’ turning techniques and no extra outboard chucks and faceplates are necessary.

There are a number of swivel head lathes available, but the Nova 1624 II has by far the most sophisticated, accurate and easy to use swivel head on the market.

The Nova 1624 II lathe can be easily and quickly swiveled to any position (360 degrees). It can be solidly locked in any position plus it has the added security of a detent pin lock at 0, 22.5,45,90 and 315 degrees (for left hand use).

The swivel head turns, locks easily and has a very accurate detent position, to lock the spindle in line with the tailstock. Then for super accuracy the adjustable tailstock can be finely tuned for pin point alignment (this is factory set but can be adjusted in the field). This combination of detent pin and adjustable tailstock delivers superb accuracy and is unique to the Nova 1624 II.

Speed Range

The Nova 1624 II lathe has aneight speed range, one of the very best available. From very low speeds for large and out of balance work through to very high speeds for small and finishing work. Some markets also have the added advantage of a variable speed motor option (check with your reseller).

Solid Construction

Well proven design, the Nova 1624 II is made from Cast Iron components for strength and rigidity. Added features like the heavy duty twin bearing system, and special webbed bed design makes the lathe well equipped to take heavy turning stresses. The bed has been designed with vibration dampening qualities -a solid 1/2" cross rib is positioned along the bed unit, quickly absorbing any vibration as it travels down the bed.

Download the manual for more information.